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Season the rice with EZ MIX NP Foods. Consists of mostly natural spices and special ingredients. EZ Mix allows us to give a new taste & aroma to ordinary rice.


Yellow Rice EZ Mix

Taste of Nasi Kuning is very familiar for Indonesian, whether it is for celebrating a special moment or just to enjoy nice taste and aroma of yellow rice. With Nasi Kuning EZ Mix, we are able to transform an ordinary rice into a tasty and full aroma by pour it on the rice and mix it up. Just as simple as that and you already have the taste of Nasi Kuning on your ordinary rice bowl.

Nasi Kuning EZ Mix
Nasi Ayam EZ Mix

Chicken Rice EZ Mix

The rice which is prepared with chicken broth and chicken meat is very appetizing. Just by enjoying the rice alone it feels delicious. If added with various side dishes, the taste will be more complete. NP Foods made our lives easier by creating Nasi Ayam EZ Mix, which is able to turn ordinary rice into delicious Chicken Rice by sprinkling it.

Nasi Biryani EZ Mix

EZ Mix Biryani Rice

Biryani rice comes from South Asia, typically using long basmati rice as an ingredients. The half-cooked rice is then cooked with broth and spices. To improve the taste, you can also add beef, goat, lamb or chicken meat.

Sambal Mata EZ Mix

Sambal Matah EZ Mix

Sambal Matah EZ Mix Sambal matah is very popular in the Bali area. Having a distinctive aroma of sliced onions and chilies, this sambal is also popular in almost all of Indonesia. The addition of lime makes the aroma more spicy and refreshing, so it is suitable for companion of grilled fish, fried chicken and others.

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