Raw Materials N.P. Foods can improve & strengthen the profile of food, reduce the use of natural spices, reduce costs, low dosage thus saving transportation costs and storage space. aromatic strength and constant raw material profile, low risk of microbial contamination compared to natural garlic seasoning


Fried and Roasted Garlic

The best of both world! This 100% natural Garlic powder encompasses the taste and aroma of Fried and Roasted Garlic. Providing consumer with an complex & robust experience.


Garlic Booster x4

Intensity of x4 stronger as compared to the conventional garlic powder in the market! With its Unique raw garlic profile (Synthetic-free) and high intensity. Just imagine the cost you can save! Made with 100% natural Garlic.


Garlic Mutiplex

Infusing, raw, dried, fried and roasted garlic into a universal Garlic powder. The garlic multiplex (Synthetic-free). These 4 types of garlic synergised to give a multilayer of taste and aroma! Made with 100% natural.


Toasted Garlic Powder

This 100% natural Garlic powder went through a complex process of toasting and cooling, to provide an unique and noticeable toasted aroma.


Fried and Roasted Onion

Fried & Roasted onion powder shows the capabilities to tremendously enhance related cooking attributes such as caramelised note, which are not seen in conventional onion powder. Made with 100% natural Onion.


Toasted Onion Powder

Toasted Onion powder is made with special caramelisation technique, hence giving it a unique taste and aroma. This product is made with 100% natural onion.