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Chicken rica rica seasoning special from NP comes from selected raw materials, has a strong and natural chicken taste. This seasoning was developed by combining the aroma and taste of chicken combined with lemongrass, ginger, lime leaves and selected chilies. This seasoning is very suitable for various types of bases such as puffs, pellets, potato chips, and cracker bases.

Chicken Rica Rica seasoning

color: orange
  • · sighting: Orange

    · Flavor: Meaty

    · Humidity: 7% Max

    · mesh: 10-14 Mesh

    · Arsenic(US): No more than 1 ppm

    · leads: No more than 2 ppm

    · copper(Cu): No more than 20 ppm

    · Total plates Count: < 1.0 X 10^5 cfu/g

    · Total Coliforms Count: 50 MPN/g

    · Recommendation storage: Ambient (10C - 25C) and dry conditions

    · Period Save: 12 Months (Storage below 180C) / 9 Months

    · Country Origin: Indonesia

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