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Grilled fish dishes are found all over the world, but in general the most famous are in Indonesia and Malaysia. consumers tend to consume more due to the taste experience of grilled fish regardless of the amount of meat that is not too much. The seasoning that can seep into the meat and the perfect grilling process are the keys to the taste of grilled fish.

Seasoned Grilled Fish

  • · sighting: tanned

    · Flavor: Smokey

    ·Humidity: 7% Max

    ·mesh: 10-14 Mesh

    ·Arsenic(US): No more than 1 ppm

    ·leads: No more than 2 ppm

    ·copper(Cu): No more than 20 ppm

    ·Total plates Count: < 1.0 X 10^5 cfu/g

    ·Total Coliforms Count: 50 MPN/g

    ·Recommendation storage:Ambient (10C - 25C) and dry conditions

    ·Period Save:12 Months (Storage under 180C) / 9 Months

    ·Country Origin: Indonesia

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