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Flavor is the balance between acidity and sugar, plus the hard-to-definable influence of volatile compounds for the aroma and taste that tomato growers crave. Volatile compounds are a new science, whereas sugars and acids are more fully understood. We all know that some tomatoes have a sweet taste, while others have a sour taste.

Seasoned tomatoes

color: red
  • · sighting: redness

    · Flavor: Sharp

    · Humidity: 7% Max

    · mesh: 10-14 Meshes

    · Arsenic(US): Not More Than 1 ppm

    · leads: Not more than 2 ppm

    · copper(Cu): Not more than 20 ppm

    · Total plates Count: < 1.0 X 10^5 cfu/g

    · Total Coliforms Count: 50MPN/g

    · Recommendation storage: Ambient (10C - 25C) and dry conditions

    · Period Save: 12 Months (Storage below 180C) / 9 Months

    · Country Origin: Indonesia

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