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Ramen, a Japanese Culinary Dish that is Popular in Indonesia.

Tori Paitan Ramen which is popular in Indonesia
Tori Paitan Ramen which is popular in Indonesia

Japanese Style Restaurants in Indonesia are increasing every year. According to Tripadvisor, in 2023 there are 867 restaurants that sold Japanese style menus only in Jakarta. If we check to another city, such as Bandung there are 111 Japanese style restaurants. We predict in Indonesia there are more than 1000 Japanese Style restaurants. We can easily find the restaurants inside malls and on the main streets of the town in Indonesia.

Not only do they sell Japanese culinary menus, those Restaurants also sell Ramen. Ramen is a Japanese Culinary Dish that is Popular in Indonesia. We can see in every Japanese style restaurant everyone can eat ramen; kids, teenagers, and adults. In Indonesia there are more than 10 Brands that sell Ramen. If we calculate in total there will be more than 600 restaurants outlets, spreading all over Indonesia. Tori Paitan, Miso, and Shoyu are kind of Ramen broth that is commonly found in every brand.

Tori Paitan is a creamy, thick chicken broth made by boiling bones for 6-8 hours until the collagen and marrow come out. Usually some ingredients that are used are Chicken (feet, wings, and bones), onion, scallion, ginger, garlic and carrot.

Miso is a paste made of fermented soybeans and loaded with umami and salt. Miso tastes salty, has a fermented taste and aroma and has strong hints of soy. Some brands restaurants mix miso with chicken broth to create Miso Paitan ramen. Actually in Japan Miso Ramen is originally made from the mixture of miso paste, Japanese sesame paste, sesame oil and rice wine vinegar, resulting in a complex soup base.

Last, Shoyu is originally made from soy sauce as base and added with other ingredients such as sake, mirin, brown sugar, garlic and ginger. The ingredients prodive complexity of taste; acid, sweet and aromatic flavor that came from garlic and ginger. But in Indonesia the Shoyu ramen is modified (add with chicken broth or beef broth) to adjust the taste according to Indonesian local taste.

There is another Ramen broth, Tonkotsu, however because it is one of the most common in Japan, it is made from boiling pork bones which is not halal. Thus in Indonesia this kind of ramen is not popular. Only a few restaurants in the city sell this menu, because the market is not as big as other kinds of ramen.

Those three ramen broths (Tori Paitan, Miso, and Shoyu) are popular in Indonesia but with little bit modification to adjust for local taste and some of the original ingredients (sake and mirin) are modified or changed since Indonesian majority is Muslim.

PT. NP Foods Indonesia is committed to producing and distributing products that halal certified and comply with BPOM Regulations, as we follow the Indonesian Government and as our concern for the Indonesian people for what they consume.

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