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Secret of Crispy Fried Chicken

In Indonesia currently crispy fried chicken is not only produced by well known fast food restaurants but also many UMKM Indonesia produce it. Now Indonesian people have many alternatives to crispy fried chicken regardless of the brands, they tend to look lower price but are still quite tasty.

Did you know one of the keys to delicious crispy fried chicken is Seasoning Marinade. Cut chicken will have an unpleasant odor if the marination process is not right, smell of raw chicken will disturb the taste. Some factors that need more attention are the freshness of chicken, temperature, marination time and the seasoning marinade that is used.

Regarding some factors that can influence whether the chicken marination is good or not, will be shared in another time.

NP Foods Indonesia have been developing many variants of seasoning marinade. Our seasonings are applicable for UMKM business, one of them is fried chicken. Here are some seasoning marinade that we’ve developed :

1. Original Marinade

Our Original Marinade can make your fried chicken juicy, delicious and have a nice garlic aroma. Our Original marinade also can be used together with Crispy Flour which is already in the market.

2. Red Marinade

Our Red Marinade will make your fried chicken have good taste inside. Developed with special spices and herbs, our Red Marinade will make your fried chicken a little bit spicy, juicy and delicious!

3. Aroma Marinade

Our next seasoning marinade that we’ve developed can make your fried chicken have a nice aroma and appetizing. Delicious aroma will be felt at the moment when your first bite. With our experienced RnD, Aroma marinade that we’ve developed will make your business fly to the moon.

Following the trend, NP Foods Indonesia actively develops seasoning for marinade that can be applied for chicken, beef, fish and seafood. PT. NP Foods Indonesia also committed to producing and distributing products that comply with BPOM Regulations, as we follow the Indonesian Government and as our concern for the Indonesian people for what they consume.


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